The International Property Markets Scorecard is a systems analysis tool to measure the strength of institutional support for transparent, rational and effective property markets. It provides stakeholders with a visual representation of the status of the six core elements necessary for sustainable property markets that help to distribute power and economic opportunity: property rights, acces to credit, effective governance, rational dispute resolution, financial transparency, and appropriate regulation.

Each core element includes three lead indicators that are further divided into sub-indicators. Colors signify the strength of institutions that support market development – very strong, strong, weak, and very weak. No color indicates that more information is needed for an objective determination.

Quantitative and qualitative measures are taken from established international economic development organizations and paired with on-the-ground assessments of market participants.* The data used is as current as possible and updated periodically. When applicable, answers to Survey Questions (SQ) and Field Questions (FQ) come from the interviews and focus groups conducted by partner organizations in country and are credited in each report.

Property markets are inherently local and can vary widely from one city to another, even from one block to the next. The Scorecard is meant to measure how policy decisions and levels of implementation affect property markets. It is not meant to provide specific guidance, measures or predictions of individual property performance.

The Guidebook for Methodology of the International Property Markets Scorecard’s six core elements:


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