2. Access to Credit
2.1 Banks
2.2 Other Sources
2.3 Credit Bureau

2. Access to Credit

Goal – An efficient, transparent financial sector that provides a broad range of citizens with access to multiple forms of competitive credit so that they can start businesses, build wealth, and purchase property

2.1 Banks (Weak)

Core Question: Are traditional banking services robust and extensive enough to serve the needs of the population to help them build wealth and purchase property?

No – Weak

Access (Very Weak)

2.1.1   How easy is it to obtain a bank loan?

Very Weak – Ranking 132 out of 148; Score 1.7 out of 7

Soundness (Weak)

2.1.2   How sound are the country’s banks?

Weak – Ranking 87 out of 148; Score 4.5 out of 7


2.1.3  Microlending (Weak) Microfinance allows citizens without traditional creditworthiness to build a credit history. How many microfinance institutions are operating in the country? What is the number of active borrowers per institution?


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2.2 Other Sources (Very Weak)

Core Question: Are entrepreneurs free to raise capital outside the banking system including venture capital and/or by issuing stock in a well-regulated stock exchange?

Financial Freedom (Weak)

2.2.1   How much control does the government exert over financial services?

Weak, for monetary; Strong for business and labor.

Index of Economic Freedom 2015, Heritage Foundation

Venture Capital (Very Weak)

2.2.2   How easy is it for entrepreneurs to find venture capital?

Very Weak – 126 out of 148; Score 2 out of 7

Equity Investors (Very Weak)

2.2.3   How easy is it to raise money by issuing shares on the stock market?

Very Weak – 125 out of 148; Score 2.5 out of 7

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2.3 Credit Bureau (Very Strong)

Core Question: Is comprehensive credit information available through public and private credit bureaus?

Yes – Very Strong

Overall Ranking 82 out of 188 Trend ↑

Coverage (Very Strong)

2.3.1   What is the depth of information available in credit bureaus?

Very Strong – Argentina has high depth of credit information relative to Latin America and high credit bureau and registry coverage.

Public (Very Strong)

2.3.2   What is the extent of public credit registry coverage?

41.6% – Very Strong

Private (Very Strong)

2.3.3   What is the extent of private credit registry coverage?


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